/files/Pictures/Endorsements/Allan Fuller copy.jpgAllan Fuller - Senior Pastor 
Phoenix, Arizona

Our church was in a very tight spot financially. Our giving was strong and we were confident we could pay loan payments - but in this economy, NO ONE was willing to give us a loan! We did all we could but neither the minnows nor the sharks were biting. I contacted Church Builders Plus and they finally connected us with an organization that is now eager to give us a loan. We are developing a relationship with this lender and plan to team up with them in the future. We are very thankful. And we are thrilled to be past this so we can focus on the ministry God has called us to.



Iglesia de Dios Shalom Church, located in the greater Philadelphia area, experienced victory in their first capital fund campaign this spring. It was the first ever capital campaign held for a Spanish-speaking Church of God congregation in the Hispanic Concilio.

The congregation began twelve years ago as a church plant under the leadership of Pastor Jorge Palacios, and has grown to more than three hundred members during that period. This congregation has nurtured more than ten pastors to plant new Hispanic churches near Philadelphia and across the United States. Pastor Palacios believes the more leaders the church disciples the more leaders the local congregation will produce.

Iglesia de Dios Shalom Church began its outreach to the Hispanic community by renting space in an Episcopal church in Bensalem, PA. They quickly outgrew the facility and began to lease and meet in a larger church building located near the Hispanic community. This young, fledgling congregation is now faced with the need to purchase land and build a church facility to accommodate the growing needs of this healthy congregation. Their dream is to build a church facility that provides ministry opportunity that provides for a congregation of more than 1000 persons. With the expansion, church leaders plan to offer many additional church programs for the growing Spanish-speaking community.

 Iglesia de Dios Shalom began its capital fund campaign in March and celebrated success with a great victory service in raising more than $310,000 in capital fund campaign commitments. BUT, a most significant part of the Campaign was at the conclusion of the Victory Service, a woman in the congregation came forward seeking to make a first time commitment to Christ.  Not only did the church net a financial victory, but the Kingdom of God grew as a result of a first time conversion.

/files/Pictures/Endorsements/Pastor Jorge cropped.jpgPastor Jorge Palacios says:
 “For Iglesia de Dios Shalom Church (Bensalem Pennsylvania), it has been an excellent experience to do the capital fund campaign with Church Builders Plus.  Since the beginning, our people were motivated and expecting the results.  We are enjoying a revival and seeing what the Lord is doing.  We thank and praise the Lord for the Church Builders Plus ministry, for how they help us to achieve our dreams to increase the blessing in our congregations. We have enjoyed a miracle from God during the capital fund campaign process! To every one in Church Builders Plus we say MUCHAS GRACIAS!”



Dr. Steve Birch, Lead Pastor
White Chapel -  S. Daytona Beach, FL
CBP were great partners in the refinancing of our church loan.  In this difficult financial
market they responded with appropriate help at a very reasonable interest rate.   Our experience with CBP was very positive.  I recommend their services to any church seeking financing for projects or refinancing.  These are people whose heart is for the church.








/files/Pictures/Endorsements/enchanted evening 7-19-08 057_Resized_155x137.jpg

Dan and Sally Walker, General Chairpersons
Imagine a Legacy Capital Campaign
Sierra Pines Church - Oakhurst, California

Working with Church Builder's Plus has been a real joy.  The sincerity and genuine concern for the success of our Capital Campaign was felt by our congregation.  Church Builder's made the process so much easier.  The prayer support was phenomenal and the guidance was very professional.  It didn't take us long to realize where the "Plus" in
Church Builder's comes from and that was getting to know and work with Charles Shumate.  As my wife says, Charles is a true southern gentleman.  He took on our project as though it was his own personal congregation.  Charles has become a life long friend.


Pastor AC Phipps, Senior Pastor

Evanswood Church of God - Troy Michigan

Pastoring a church anywhere in America in these challenging times is difficult. When you are in the Detroit area, it becomes even more challenging. Over the last year our church in Troy Michigan knew that due to the economic climate of the community we needed to elevate the awareness of stewardship and tithing in our congregation. We knew that if we ‘did nothing’ we would have to begin to cut staff, salaries and even ministries. We decided to call Cecil Watson of Church Builders Plus to look into options they could offer. After much prayer as a Board and Congregation we decided to employ their services and to embrace the challenge of raising $75,000.00. This seemed like an impossible goal for the size of our congregation and these economic times. However, with the belief of the unlimited resources that we all have in Jesus Christ and the help of Cecil Watson and Church Builders Plus we were able to raise in excess of $108,000.00!

I want to encourage anyone who is thinking about raising money for building, staff, debt retirements or whatever your church’s needs may be to consider Church Builders Plus. I, as pastor, am convinced that we could not have experienced the success of going over $30,000.00 beyond our goal without their ministry of expertise, encouragement and resources. 



 /files/Pictures/Endorsements/Timothy Clark.jpg Bishop Timothy J. Clark
First Church of God – Columbus, OH
I cannot begin to express how much we appreciate the services CBPlus has extended to us.  I am convinced their level of professionalism and non-threatening approach is directly responsible for our overwhelming commitment to make a capital fund campaign a success.  We have employed other consultants in the past, but never before have our people responded as well as they did under CBPlus leadership.



Pastor Kevin Collins
Yankee Road First Church of God – Middletown, OH

" CBPlus helped our church and ministry evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and to identify our barriers to future growth.  We now have in place an exciting plan for where we believe God wants to take us in the years ahead.  The entire staff cares deeply about the Church of God.  We are indebted to them for helping us plan and dream big dreams for the future."


Chesterfield Church of God – Chesterfield, IN 
“The personal and professional support we received from CBPlus not only encouraged our congregation but helped to bring about an enormously successful capital funds campaign.  We exceeded our goal by 12.5%.   Everyone is excited about how God is leading us into our new building as well as into deeper levels of service in the Kingdom of God."


Pastor Bartholomew M. Riggins
Queensborough Church of God – Shreveport, LA 
”We are grateful for the work CBPlus put into seeking a financial institution to work with our church situation.  We now have one mortgage rather than two, a fixed interest rate of 5.8% for three years, and a monthly payment nearly $400 less than what we were previously paying!

I and the Queensborough Church of God business leadership team would definitely recommend CBPlus to any congregation seeking to build, relocate or refinance.





Pastor Mark Tincher
First Church of God – Pryor, OK


”Before the visioning weekend with CBPlus, our congregation was uncertain about the possibility of relocation and our church leadership leaned toward trying to remodel our existing property. 

Dr. Charles Shumate came in a positive and non-threatening way and helped our church examine its vision. He, in essence, helped create an excitement about the future of our congregation.

After prayerful consideration and process of the CBPlus report, we are pleased the congregation stepped out in faith and purchased 22 acres of land in a highly visible location.  It has been exciting to watch God work in the securing and funding of this property.”



/files/Pictures/Endorsements/Mark Tincher.jpg 



Pastor EarlT.Wheatley Jr.

North Park Church of God - Meridian, MS


We were impressed by the innovative, effective, and sensitive capital stewardship campaign provided by CBPlus. It was an exciting time in the life of our church that is helping us set a great foundation for future growth.




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