Our Mission

   Founded in February of 2003 Church Builders Plus is a Not-For-Profit, ministry-focused 

   service organization serving the Church. 


   Our mission is to focus the energy of the Great Commission in providing resources to  

   "build churches that change lives."  This includes evaluating growth options, providing 

   funds for property and facilities acquisition and development, and mobilizing sources of

    funding to achieve long-term goals for the church. 

  CBPlus is committed to providing professional consulting services and excellent materials 

   to help churches navigate in developing goals and the resources needed to implement

   their strategies as they seek to reach their communities for Christ.  We are excited about

   serving your church. 



       1. We value healthy, God honoring relationships. 
        2. We value an enthusiasm for work that produces significance. 
        3. We value new thinking, creativity and welcome the cutting edge. 
        4. We believe in team and value accountability. 
        5. We value the unique gifts of every person in the organization. 
        6. We value a healthy balance of life. 
        7. We value integrity.




        Mitchell Birch (OH), 2015         

        Tommy Dove (TN), 2015

        Demos Gallender (AL) 2014 
        Roy Hamilton (WV) 2015
  Horace Sheppard Jr. (PA), 2015




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