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Frequently Asked Questions

   Who does CBPlus represent?
   We have established a number of strategic loan partners from a variety of sources
to meet your   

   specific needs and secure the best terms.  Loan funds may come from a church denomination 
a religious foundation, a Christian credit union or a commercial lender.  We are positioned to 

   negotiate at the senior level for your church loan to get the very best rates, terms and


   What does CBPlus do for churches, Christian schools and ministries?
   In working with us, we become your in-house financial counsel. Understanding 
church finance is a

   specialty and a science.  In our experience, many churches have good hearted and motivated 
   boards made up of volunteers and church staff, but most of these individuals have never 
   negotiated or obtained a sizable loan especially in a commercial setting. We have the proper  
   expertise, understanding, knowledge and skill to “ do battle” with commercial  lending institutions.


   When should our church begin?
   Your church can generally begin immediately once it completes and submits a loan 
application form
   on-line or sent from our office.  Our analysis will determine the 
amount the church can qualify for

   and can safely afford.

   What can our church organization do to better improve its financial 
   Capital fund campaigns are very important in the area of church financing.  A poor campaign can
   damage the church emotionally and its ability to service church debt,
while an excellent campaign
   can bring a church together as a team with sacrificial 
giving for the Kingdom.  Properly planned and
   executed stewardship campaigns are 
vital to the funding process because they reduce the
   risk for lenders and provide an 
additional means of servicing the mortgage debt.

   How long does the loan process take once we begin?

   Once your church has gathered all of the requested documentation and completed 

   the application packet, we begin immediately.  After completing the underwriting and loan package,
   our goal is to have one or more commitments in the shortest 
amount of time possible.


   Church Loans

   Charles Shumate
   765-644-2555 ext: 233

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