There are times in church life that require an unbiased look in the mirror from an outside’s point of view. 

 Our church consultation is a healthy exercise in visioning with church leaders and dealing with complex

 issues regarding church property, facilities, and relocation issues.  A consultant spends three days

 on-site and gives a professional evaluation of facilities, property, location, and other items important

 to the growing ministries of the church.


This three-day event gives opportunity for your leaders to see themselves, your church, your community

 and God in new and exciting ways. A Church Consultation that is solution-based brings clarity and helps navigate to many questions:
• How do we deal with over-crowded facilities?
• Should we expand? Remodel? Relocate?
• Are we effectively using the space we already have?
• Can we afford to do this?   Can we afford not to?


Often these nuts and bolt questions lead to deeper, soul-searching questions:
• Who is God calling us to be?
• What is God calling our church to do?
• What are the needs of the community?
• Will this project strengthen our ministry and mission?


Frequently, a consultation is recommended before a church embarks on a Capital Fund Campaign

since a primary factor in the success of a campaign is being certain the church understands the vision

and has ownership in developing its preferable future.


Contact Charles Shumate, 765.644.2555 Ext 233, to discuss the specific

needs of your church.


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  Bishop Timothy J. Clark
  First Church of God

  Columbus, OH
  We have employed other consultants in the past, but  
 before have our people responded as well as they  
  did under
CBPlus leadership. More.

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