Most people think giving is just a financial issue.  However, experience shows that giving starts in the

heart, not the checkbook.  CBPlus provides a tailored capital fund campaign focused on a spiritual

experience of faith building, not church building.  Utilizing Biblical principles, a proven organized

approach, and sensitivity to a church’s specific needs, we maximize the giving and serving potential

of your church. We are committed to use the highest ethical and effective principles at the lowest

practical cost.  In a CBPlus campaign you can expect sensitivity, connection, and unique navigation

that sparks your vision.


We partner with you to:
• Understand your church's unique culture, vision, and challenges.
• Conduct your campaign as a positive, spiritual growth experience with sensitivity to
your church’s values and needs.
• Maximize your church's giving potential and generosity.
• Create a vision to encouraging broad congregational involvement.
The campaign objective is to raise maximum funds through a spiritual growth experience, without high pressure or offensive methods.


Additional values of the capital fund campaign for your church are:
• Communicates your church mission
• Invites ownership with generosity
• Discovers new leadership
• Provides needed resources
• Leads to spiritual renewal

During the campaign venture, funds are raised, lives are changed and the church is renewed through a powerful positive effort.

If you would like more information about a building fund or capital fund campaign, contact, Charles Shumate, 765.644.2555 Ext 233, or 


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